the georgetown building


        The Georgetown Building provides an elegant and refreshing alternative to the typical concrete office environment.  The southern colonial design, with its characteristic colonnade, comes straight out of “Gone with the Wind.”  The beautifully crafted solid hardwood entryway,  grand staircases, and solid polished brass hardware create a plush, aristocratic feel, yet office suites here are still competitively priced.  The lobby feels like the sky with light blue in the ceiling, repeated in the balcony where subtle touches of light blue frame the light yellow.  The royal roll of red carpeting is centered on a floor of black and white tile, leading up to the grand staircase.

        This gem of a building is conveniently located at the confluence of the Santa Ana Freeway (5 Fwy) and the Newport Freeway (55 Fwy) in the upscale Park Center District.

        Please take a minute to browse our website to discover the extravagant, yet affordable amenities that become part of your working lifestyle at the Georgetown Building.

    Stop by for a tour by calling Steve at (714) 972-9923.

The Georgetown Building

250 North Golden Circle

Santa Ana, CA  92705

(714) 972-9923


        Every detail of this architectural gem reflects the exquisite and refined taste of  the forefathers of America’s thirteen original colonies.  Steeped in tradition, the elegant proportions of the Georgetown Building’s beautiful facade and the welcoming lobby make coming to your professional office a special pleasure.

An Architectural Gem in Orange County